2020.. same 30 years away from 1990 & 2050 - WHAAT?

If you are over 30, it is easy to look back and think of the 90's - you can remember details, dates, events, hairstyles, fashion, etc..

But to think that 2050 is equally 30 years away- what will you say/remember about 2020? Why not make this the year & decade to remember? I am not a big resolution fan, as setting goals for a year and making big changes are hard to sustain, and easy to get disappointed and discouraged from.

SO - Why not make small adjustments, shifts, steps toward a new way?

Here are some easy to do's that get the ball rolling in a better direction. You do something on this order everyday, and you will look back and see the trajectory path that was not difficult, but consistently progressing in a positive pathway.

1- Get up 15-30 minutes EARLIER than usual - set the alarm for 15 minutes earlier than your "norm". Avoid hitting snooze - and get up.

2- Immediately write down a positive word or phrase (keep a tablet next to the bed). This could be the same word or phrase for the entire year! JUST WRITE IT DOWN, take a BIG breath & say it out loud EVERY DAY upon waking.

3- Drink a BIG glass of water (warm, cold, hot - doesn't matter temp, or size)

4 -Take another deep breath and stretch your arms over head, and exhale - reach hands toward feet. Repeat 3-5 times.

5 - Do 5 - 10 pushups

6 - Do 5- 10 squats (sit down to ottoman, or edge of bed, etc)

7 - SMILE - be kind to the first person you see - say something positive

8 - Be Present & Choose wisely - go about your day paying attention to people, surroundings, and the beauty of the world. Choose healthier options (food, alcohol, movements, friends, etc)

9 - Repeat #2- WRITE down the word/phrase AGAIN.. each day should have 2 entries of your phrase/mantra, etc..

10 - REPEAT #1 - Go to be 15-30 minutes EARLIER than usual

* You will start to live a routine that encourages goals, positivity, structure, movement, good healthy habits and overall WELLNESS.

There are really only 8 to-do's.

What do you have to lose by doing this?

What do you have to GAIN?

What will you say in 2050 when looking back to today?


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