You come to group fitness classes for the fun, challenge, competition, friends, and to BURN CALORIES & GAIN STRENGTH.

All BzBodyFitness classes will provide cutting edge technology with your specific output, calories burned, and time in your “zone”, answering the “How much did this workout do for me?”question.

The answer if provided INSTANTLY – all you have to do is show up, and put on the monitor.

Polar Cardio GX

  • helps members achieve individual training objectives
  • creates a better understanding of the advantages of heart rate-based training
  • motivates with instant visual feedback as well as the training report
  • explains the training benefit of each class
  • allows data storage in almost any Polar training computer

A follow-up email is sent with more information explaining the numbers and what they mean for YOU and how to achieve your goals.

Group Fitness is the best way to hold yourself accountable and stick to a routine.  Having camaraderie with in the class will keep you motivated to coming back. After your first “intake assessment” you will have a “zone” goal for each workout. The zone is designed specifically based on your age, weight and goals. Only your heart rate and workout level shown as a color coded zone will be visible on the screen.

Intake Assessment – data collection of your age, weight, height, and goals put into our Polar Cardio system for Heart Rate monitoring.

Zone – The heart rate in beats per minute based on intensity. Zones range from 60-90% of your Maximum Heart Rate.  Calculations, are done for you and shown in color coded zones on the screen. During the workout you will adjust according to the desired zone set by the instructor, or you!


This is an introductory class to learn the fundamentals. For anyone new to heart rate monitoring, circuit training, or fitness classes in general. 60 minutes


This 45 minute class will utilize all the muscles from your chest to your hips holding your body together! Back and glutes are included in this workout that uses the Pilates, TRX, foam rollers, BOSU’s, Balls, and floor/body weight work. (All levels)


Muscles need resistance to grow. You provide your own resistance, and add more external resistance with weights, weighted balls, and leverage. TRX, benches and dumbbells will provide the variety. 45 minutes – ALL LEVELS


This advanced class will provide a quick pace, with timed intervals and circuits. Challenges and goals will be given during this intense workout.

45 minutes – (Advanced Levels)