Employer-dedicated onsite health centers and fitness classes are designed to provide more meaningful, effective and higher quality health care to employees and their dependents.

Corporate Fitness programs control and reduce health care costs for corporations, measurably improve worker productivity, and provide an employment benefit that far surpasses the level of service that is found in the community. The result — healthier employees and a healthier bottom line. Companies like G&K services, Datacard, and Bird & Cronin have benefited from BzBodyFitness’ onsite corporate classes. The cure for Sittingitis starts here!

We will help you assess your company’s needs, and create a program custom fit to those assessed needs. From lunch time wellness and nutrition seminars, to on-site yoga, pilates, bootcamp, and relaxation classes. Let us take the stress out of your job, and get your employees fit and happy!

Success Stories

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  • Finally...the truth about how to LOSE WEIGHT!

    Top Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach reveals insider secrets to weight loss that the fitness industry doesn't want you to know.
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