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About Bzbody Fitness

BzBodyFitness started with a comment.. My dad always told me I was such a “busy body” – never sitting still or being idle. Well that turned out to be a GOOD THING, and hence a great name for BzBodyFitness.

Fitness was my passion from a young age. Doing gymnastics, bicycling, running, water skiing and playing volleyball were great ways to have fun and be active! I received my Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science, and minored in Nutrition. I worked in Corporate Fitness setting up company’s fitness plans, and programs to improve worksite wellness. Becoming a Fitness Manager for the Twin Cities YMCA’s was a great transition to the community.

Bringing in the latest in group fitness and Personal Training programs allowed me to become a master trainer, and travel to other fitness facilities to train the staff. Training was an exciting part of my job, which lead me to become a NETA (National Exercise Trainers Association) trainer. The continued education of cutting edge health, fitness and nutrition research and development, is something I bring to my current work today. Being able to de-myth the trends and false claims, leads to clear cut information geared to a safe, and effective program.

BzBodyFitness’ mission

  • Operate efficiently and effectively, with quality programs based on those principles, to deliver RESULTS!
  • Today, with over 2 decades of training and teaching, hundreds of lives improved, and countless pounds shed, BzBodyFitness is launched!

2014 is the next big leap for BzBodyFitness. The studio is growing into a 5000 sgft facility located in Champions Hall, Eden Prairie. The same great, cutting edge training and classes with more space and potential for more people to IMPROVE THEIR LIVES! Cutting edge Polar Cardio Coaching®, along with TRX suspension strength, balance, agility, and power, formatted in efficient, effective classes will be designed to maximize RESULTS!


BzBodyFitness’ mission is to deliver result-based, custom fit programs to maximize EFFICIENCY AND EFFECTIVENESS. The cutting edge philosophy of functional training with Polar Cardio Coaching®, combined with core and balance will improve every part of your life. Only the latest and greatest tools will be used to deliver results. Performance is taken to a new level with quality instruction and coaching.


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