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BzBodyFitness, founder of the cure for “Sittingitis”, is the answer to your “I have no time” excuse!

“Sittingitis” is a condition of sitting for more than 6 hours a day. The fact is that many of us are immobile/sedentary for up to 90% of our lives.

Do you have a desk job, and engage in sedentary activities after work, like watching TV, checking out social media via your phone or playing video games? That is “sittingitis”. Studies prove that sedentary lifestyles have an adverse affect on lifespans.

This means you have to make the most of your time when you are active:
BzBodyFitness’ motto is BE EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE. When you work with BzBodyFitness, you will maximize your time by using multiple muscles and movements at one time, creating a fun, challenging and never boring workout!

If you desire to get healthier, lose weight, improve your strength and endurance all while having fun, then BzBodyFitness is the place for you.

You set the pace and tailor each workout to your individual needs for that day and your overall goals. We set up the workout, coach and motivate you, and make the modifications that you use to complete the workout.

The new state of the art studio is located in Champions Hall.



Finally...the truth about how to LOSE WEIGHT!

Top Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach reveals insider secrets to weight loss that the fitness industry doesn't want you to know.
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